Prins Tiger XXL 1.0

The Prins Tiger XXL forklift is unique in its kind. The rear wheels are placed in such a way that they drive precisely between the front wheels, giving the machine the characteristics of a roller. This forklift is specially developed for use in the potted plant and is suitable for driving over container fields.

Model Tiger XXL
Type 1.0
 Load capacity (kg) 1000
 Weight (kg)
  incl. counter balance
 Weight (kg)
  excl. counter balance
 Center of gravity (mm) 500
 Mast angle front/rear 8°/9°
 Fork plate FEM 2a
 Transmission torque converter
 Fuel diesel gas
 Engine Toyota Toyota
 Model 1DZ-III 4Y
 Power (kW) 36 38
 Speed (km/h) 23
 Tires front - Traction profile nvt
 Tires front - Turf profile 295-50x15
 Tires rear 24-13x12
  A (mm) 3170
  B (mm) 2220
  C (mm) 410
  D (mm) 1730
  E (mm) 2540
  F (mm) 710
  G (mm) 320
  H (mm) 200
  I (mm) 1150
  J (mm) 2200
  K (mm) 2000
  L (mm) 2780