Prins Tiger assist in renovation Canterbury Cathedral

February 13th, 2019

Canterbury Cathedral has been undergoing a thorough renovation since 2017. The Canterbury Journey project is expected to last 5 years.

Until recently, the restorers had to use a conventional standard forklift, but this had its limitations. The soft ground gave many problems. The workshop yard has very little hard concrete surface and was mainly rolled stones while several parts of the grounds where access is needed consist of grass lawns. The narrow passageways in and around the Cathedral also caused access problems.

A solution was sought; A compact forklift that can drive anywhere on the terrain and then do its job.

The website of Prins Forklifts UK Ltd was found and it quickly became clear that a Prins Tiger XL was the solution for the existing material transport problems in and around the cathedral.

As the budget was limited the decision was taken to purchase a refurbished second hand Prins forklift which Prins Forklifts UK Ltd prepared and supplied.